Wonder Woman Glow in dark metallic tattoo - MarchBaby Collective
Wonder Woman Glow in dark metallic tattoo - MarchBaby Collective
Wonder Woman Glow in dark metallic tattoo - MarchBaby Collective

Wonder Woman Glow in dark metallic tattoo

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Wonder Woman inspired Glow in dark metallic tattoo, festive and beach look.

You may place anywhere on your body to make it looks more inspiring! 

If you’re looking for the funkiest tattoo designs for your upcoming rave party, look no further! We know what you’re looking for, something that’s neon, right? Well, our Dark Sugar Temporary Tattoo Collection does just that. All tattoos in this collection glow in the dark and their designs are fun and funky, perfect for a wide night!

Each temporary tattoo collection comes in a sheet with a wide variety of patterns and designs. Our Glow in the Dark Temporary Tattoos are more than a fashion accessory. They are suitable for all kinds of parties and festivals, fashion or staged photography or any other occasions that you just feel like being extra glamours.

15 - 20 tattoos in a 9x6” sheet

Temporary glow in the dark tattoos - the dark sugar collection


Long-lasting & Waterproof

At heart, MarchBaby works hard and parties hard. This is why all our body arts are good for at least 3-5 days, perfect for a whole weekend of music festivals.

And have no fears if it rains! All our temporary body arts are waterproof and therefore beach & pool party-friendly. They are also sweat-proof to counter the Southeast Asia heat - because we know how parties work here.


Temporary Tattoos - The Next Generation Fashion Accessories

Jewelries are beautiful but they are clumsy and hold you back from partying hard. Temporary glow in the dark body arts are smart because they are just as gorgeous yet you can put them on wherever you want. Behind your neck, underneath your eyes, or even your abs. Be creative!

What’s more, temporary tattoos are much more affordable and require less commitment than traditional accessories. With our temporary body arts, you don’t have to deal with the tangling of your necklaces with your hair or the hassle of storing them properly (we all know how painful that can be). Our temporary tattoos look just as great except they are super lightweight that you barely they are there! When you are not bound by expensive jewelries, you can truly party all night long!


How to put on the tattoos?

  1. Cut out the tattoo design from the sheet and place it onto the skin with the white paper side facing outward.
  2. Wet it with a damp cotton pad or tissue paper and gently press it.
  3. Peel off the paper once the tattoo side sticks on your skin.

Volia! You’ve just been kissed with a MarchBaby tattoo :)


How to remove the tattoos?

Remove them as if they are make up - Apply olive oil or your regular makeup remover with a cotton pad to take off the tattoos. Rinse your skin with water.

No traces left, just the all fun time and memories and pretty pictures as our tattoos are guaranteed to photograph beautifully. ;)



Having a private event and wanna make personalized tattoos? We’re happy to help too ;)


Know your options: Metallic Tattoos

We also make metallic temporary tattoos! Whether you’re going to a beach party, a music festival or even a wedding, looking for body arts for fashion photography, or just wanna have fun with your besties, you can always find the perfect pattern from our wide range of design and selections.

Wonder Woman Glow in dark metallic tattoo - MarchBaby Collective