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Marchbaby Collective - a Singapore-based temporary tattoos creative house.
We specialise in metallic and glow in the dark tattoos for all occasions.
Who We Are & What We Do:
We Elevate Your Party with Marchbaby Collective

Not only do we work hard and play hard, we do it with innovation and creativity. What truly makes us special is that we apply our innovative ideas not just to our business but also to your party - by enhancing your party moments with our one of a kind temporary tattoos!

 It is no secret that people want to be extra glamours on days like music festivals and beach parties. This is why we create temporary tattoos for people who want to have fun and look beautiful, just like you!


We make metallic and glow in the dark temporary tattoos with a wide variety of designs for all kinds of events.

 Metallic Tattoos: Perfect for Every Occasion

Inspired by fine jewellery, Marchbaby recreates the glamour with a modern twist - temporary body arts with a metallic finish!

 With a wide range of designs, you can always find the perfect match for all kinds of purposes, such as fashion photography, weddings, beach festivals, rave parties, rooftop parties, birthday parties, or any occasions that you just feel like being pretty.

 With our mindfully designed metallic tattoos, we make sure that

your looks are always on point.


Glow in the Dark Tattoos: Ideal for Night Outs, Music Festivals, and Beach Parties

Made for party animals who go out at night, Marchbaby helps you get all the attention you need in the dark with our temporary body arts that glow in the dark!
Our selections are as wide as the parties get so finding one that complements your outfits is never a problem, especially if you are a rave partygoer or having a girls night out.
“We love the glow in the dark tattoos because
they are just so much fun to play with and look at!
A total conversation starter at parties.”

Singapore Born and Bred

Founded and designed in Singapore, we sure know how to roll in Southeast Asia. To enhance that awesome party with tropical vibes, all our tattoos are waterproof and sweatproof to combat that heat and humidity!
Shine bright like a diamond (with no commitment).

Why Temporary Tattoos?

Necklaces and bracelets are nice but they are not exactly party-friendly. Fragile and expensive, they can be a burden rather than an accessory on special occasions. To live life to the fullest, sometimes all we need is an easy and affordable solution, something effortless just for that perfect moment!
This is why temporary body arts are born. Alike jewellery, they are easy to put on and they photograph beautifully. Unlike conventional accessories, temporary tattoos are ultra lightweight, inexpensive, and even waterproof. Plus, you can put them on wherever you want!
And let’s be honest, we all want to look great in photos to recap all the magical moments and fun we have at our parties. If you’re one of us, Marchbaby Collective is here for you! ;)


Wanna throw a huge private party and handcraft something truly unique? Interested in getting personalised body arts and temporary tattoos? Let’s get in touch to let us know how we can help!

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Curious by nature, we Marchbabies are always interested in learning more about friends and the community. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!