MarchBaby Collective | Temporary Tattoo & Body Art

Temporary tattoos for parties. Innovative at heart, MarchbBaby creates glow in the dark & metallic body arts for music festivals and events alike.

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Temporary Tattoo & Body Art

Your Next Level Fashion Accessories.

Waterproof. Long-lasting. Easy-to-use.

Experience our innovative temporary tattoos for parties and festivals today!

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Metallic Temporary Tattoos

Because We Party Smart!

Jewelries are too expensive for partying hard.

We need something that look just as glam,

minus the inconvenience.

How about...Metallic Temporary Body Arts?  

Party Smart

Glow in the Dark Tattoos

The New Fashion Staple

With our temporary tattoos that glow in the dark,

you’ll never miss a spotlight even in the club.

Let’s be honest, we all want that extra attention on a special night out,

or overnight events like ZoutOut.


MarchBaby Collective:

We believe in innovation and creativity, and we are definitely the “work hard, play hard” kind of people. Yet, what truly makes us special is that we apply our innovative ideas not just to our business but also to your party - by our next level temporary body arts!

Based in Singapore, we sure know how to have fun here, especially at beach parties and music festivals like Garden Beats Festival and ZoukOut. We've got you covered.

Temporary Tattoos:

Temporary body darks are what we do best! They come in metallic finish or glow and in the dark. What's more, they are durable so that you can dance harder, waterproof and sweat-proof so that you can enjoy the sun and the pool party longer, and long-lasting so that you can look fabulous all weekend long!


We also specialize in making customized temporary tattoos. Whether you are hosting an event and you want all your guests to feel cool, or throwing a party for your besties and want it to be as memorable as possible, we're here to help. Just let us know.